Shining Stars ASN Theatre School

Katie S
4th January 2019


I first learned basic Makaton at the age of 14-15, while completing work experience at Drumpark Primary School to enable me to communicate with some of the children who attended the school.

Now, I run a theatre school for children, young people, and adults with a wide range of additional support needs and use Makaton every day.

Shining Stars ASN Theatre School is the first Makaton Friendly organisation in North Lanarkshire.

We have a Makaton choir who have performed for celebrities, politicians and many others within our community and further afield, including MPs in London and for the mayor of Carlisle. We have performed at the Young Scot Awards and at the European Championships at Glasgow Green.

Myself and all of my volunteers at Shining Stars ASN Theatre School have completed the Foundation Workshop and are planning to do the Follow Up Workshop. We use many resources from the Makaton website to enhance our skills!

Makaton has had a huge impact on my life. It has allowed me to continue to do the job I love, as well as being able to communicate and help people with a wide range of additional needs.

I really can't imagine my life without signing, and I hope one day to qualify as a tutor.

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